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Raw Fuchsite

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Love | Joy | Rejuvenation | Clarity

You will receive 1 x large raw Fuchsite stone that is perfectly unique & hand picked just for you.

Fuchsite is a lovely green stone of the Muscovite Mica variety. A stone associated with the Heart Chakra as it is full of love and compassionate energy that is here to rejuvenate one's emotional body.

This stone is believed to take the “weight” off of your shoulders each day to provide nourishing vibrations for one’s body, heart and soul. Fuchsite’s energy soothes one into a relaxed state that is perfect for deep meditation or yoga sessions.

In addition to calming your emotional body, this stone is often believed to provide mental clarity to help one connect with their inner self. By taking time to reflect, one can gain insight into what they need to let go of as well as what it is they need to focus on bringing in.

By allowing positive energy to flow through your body, you can significantly help yourself in moving through your day in a healthy and positive way.

I recommend keeping it in visible sight in a special place in your home so it can be a constant reminder to welcome joy into your life and as a sparkle of motivation.

It can be used in rituals with the intention to give you a fresh new perspective on life, assisting you to identify and appreciate all the positive things around you.

This stone carries the energies and vitality of youth, and may act as a talisman to bring joy, laughter, and playfulness into your everyday life.