"Ascend" Meditation Candle - Sentient Creations
"Ascend" Meditation Candle - Sentient Creations

"Ascend" Meditation Candle

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Ground ✧ Center ✧ Connect

Immerse your mind, body & spirit in a healing & tranquil blend of spices & floral essences.

The perfect candle to pair with your meditation practice or to burn whenever you are in need of grounding, energy balancing & calling in focus & calm to your mind & body.

Featuring notes of Sandalwood, Musk, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf, Lavender, Cinnamon, Citrus & Patchouli.

Enhanced with Pure & Sacred Frankincense Resin, known for assisting elevated states of spiritual awareness while balancing energy & calling in protection to ones space. Frankincense is often used to ease anxiety & stress while bringing uplifting harmony & conscious spiritual transformation.

Paired with healing organic petals of Calendula & Rose.


Australian ✧ Vegan ✧ Made with Love

Pure soy wax candles exclusively hand poured by SOL AURORA for SENTIENT CREATIONS.

  • To Enhance Your Ritual: During checkout, we welcome you to share your intention for your Smudge Stick Bouquet, so we can align its energy to the recipient.

  • Please Note: Wooden wick candles burn slightly differently to cotton wick candles. Please be sure to read in full our Candle Care and Safety Tips below to get the best burn out of your candles.

  •  ~ Click here for a full list of Candle Care & Safety Tips. ~

  • Rolls of Charcoal Discs, Smudge Shells, Ritual Sand, Tongs & other accessories to enhance your ritual can be found & purchased additionally in the "Ritual Accessories" Collection.

    You can find SOL AURORA & their amazing range of creative candles & homewares on Instagram: @solaurora.official