Hello, I’m Tsari.

Designer, Creator, Mother & ever inspired student of the Universe.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, I was brought up by parents who openly encouraged creativity, imagination & the exploration of mind, body & spirit. My mother (Australian) & father (Sikkimese - from the Himalayas), while both very different, taught me to respect & be consciously responsible for my energy & the vibration I put out into the world.

Raised with a strong respect for the sacred art of Ritual & empowered to always approach life with awareness, love & compassion - I grew with the fundamental understanding that we are, & everything around us is, impermanent & ever flowing energy.

Over the years, I have passionately studied a wide array of holistic & alternative healing & spiritual modalities to bring to you Sentient Creations & the Sentient Ritual Collections.β €β €

So much of my inspiration & personal energy balancing rituals are drawn from the guidance & appreciation I have for our Mother Nature & the abundant gifts that she so freely offers to us all.

Sentient Creations was born with the intention to unite people energetically & raise the collective vibration, first by being responsible for our own energy & the kind of vibrations we put out into the world - then, by sharing the Sacred art of Rituals & creating an ever expanding collection of heart inspired, holistic tools to assist in positively transforming & up-leveling one’s energetic frequency, & to release any negative 'juju' that may be blocking your flow.

My intention is, that with the use of these tools & rituals, you may feel inspired, empowered, creative, connected & find a self nurturing space for peaceful balance & conscious growth within.

I would like to personally thank you for your support & for visiting Sentient Creations today.

With love & gratitude always, Tsari.
Sentient Creations
Bringing Sacred Ritual into Your Everyday Life..


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