Feathers Wands (or Fans) have been used in ceremonies for centuries by Native Americans & many indigenous cultures throughout the world. Feather Fans were used; during smoke baths, to cleanse personal articles, to cleanse living areas & the Energy Body or a person during Sacred Rituals & Ceremonies - as well as Shamanic journeying. This is an ancient art of cleansing oneself, others or places of unwanted energies, as well as healing, energy balancing & centering Rituals.

The main reason for using feathers in energy work is due to the fact that birds are revered by native people because of their connection to spirit & higher source through their free traveling of the skies. The spirit of the bird is believed to come through using their feathers in the fans, thus connecting the Divine Spirit with Mother Earth during the cleansing ceremony. The feathers actually move the energies from the Aura Body through the sweeping motion, much like that of a bird in flight. This representation is so beautiful & very inspiring as one learns to connect with all of Mother Earth through Sacred Ritual of the ancient ways.

The Etheric layer or Aura layer of a person holds the energetic vibrations of everything that one has come in contact with. That includes other people’s vibrations, those found in nature & those encountered when one is in the Astral realms during meditation or Astral traveling.

Practicing Aura cleansing by using a Feather Wand to clean out your personal being or space can be done whenever you are feeling energetically out of balance, if you have been around people or energy that you do not feel align with your truest self or if a space is feeling dull or in need of freshening up. You will know when it is time to clear yourself & your home if you listen to your inner knowing.

How to use your Shamanic Feather Wand

You may use your Feather Wand in partnership with the smoke of a Smudging Bouquet or Palo Santo. If you decide that you would prefer not to use smudging smoke in your house due to allergies or sensitivities, you can do the same Clearing Ritual by simply using the Feather Wand alone. The effect will be the same upon your Aura Body or space. Your belief, intentions & visualizations during your session is what is most important.

When clearing energy in your home, office or other personal space, you may start at the door & work your way clockwise throughout every area. It is a good idea to really get into the corners of your rooms & open up all doors to the closets & storage areas to get at any stagnant energy. With clear intentions & a respect for all energies, walk around each room as you conduct your Clearing Ritual.

When Aura Cleansing your body (or someone else), you may start from the top of the head & work your way down to the ground or feet.

☽ If using a Smudging Bouquet or Palo Santo, light up the end and allow to burn for 30 seconds to 1 minute. When amply lit, softly blow out the flame, allowing it to smolder, creating the smoke for Smudging, being mindful of burning embers that may detach.

☽ Begin your Ritual by using soft, gliding or sweeping motions through the air a few inches away from the body with your Feather Wand. If using a Smudging Bouquet or Palo Santo, use your Feather Wand to help guide the smoke into the intended space that you are focusing on.

☽ If working on yourself or another, start at the top of your head, working your way down the entire length of your body including your feet. Be sure to include sweeping your back & sides as well.

☽ As you do your Clearing Ritual, you may say aloud one of the included mantras - or, a mantra that is personal & applicable to you, for the space, or person you are working with. Continually repeat your mantra as you clear the space or body.       

☽ Visualizing seeing any negative energy or low vibrations leaving your space or body & replacing that darkness with a pure white light may also be included as a powerful part of your Clearing Ritual.

☽ ​Listen to your intuition, once you feel you have cleansed your space, object or being, place your Smudging Bouquet/Wand in a fireproof bowl & allow the embers to burn out & set down your Feather Wand in a clean & safe place for keeping.        

☽ ​Please remember to always exercise care & caution when working with fire & energies.


~ Mantra for Energy Clearing a Space: ~
I respectfully cleanse, clear & protect this space,
releasing any negative energy or low vibrations
& transmute it back to source.
And so it is.
~ Mantra for Personal Energy Clearing: ~
I release all energies that do not serve me,
all negativity that surrounds me,
all fear that limits me.
And so it is.

✧ Happy Clearing ✧


With Love & Gratitude Always, Sentient Creations. Xx
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