Tibetan Tingsha Bells - Sentient Creations
Tibetan Tingsha Bells - Sentient Creations
Tibetan Tingsha Bells (Large)
Tibetan Tingsha Bells (Large)

Tibetan Tingsha Bells (Large)

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For Meditation, Healing Ceremonies, Space Clearing & Sound Therapy Treatment.

These beautifully crafted solid Tingsha Bells are hand made in Tibet & feature the traditional brass bells/cymbals, attached with a leather cord.

They are used for heart healing, mind clarity & clearing your home of stagnant energies.

You will receive:

1 x Set of Large Tibetan Tingsha Bells (Size ~ 75mm x 75mm)

1 x Soft, luxurious gift pouch to keep your bells in for travel & safe keeping

1 x Information card

Tingsha bells (also called Tibetan Cymbals) are Ritual instruments used traditionally by Tibetan practitioners for singing, chanting, ritual offerings & sacred ceremonies.

They are also used to prepare for meditation, during healing ceremonies, space clearing & sound therapy treatment.

By striking one cymbal against the edge of the other they produce a clear, pure, cleansing sound which can be used to focus the mind before & after meditation, as well as often being used for space clearing & energy balancing.

Using Tingsha Bells is as simple as holding a piece of the leather cord in each hand & gently tapping the two edges together, then allowing the pure vibrational sound & energy to ring out & align your energy body & environment.


One of the most popular uses of Tingsha bells is for space clearing. When played, the Tingsha resonate a unique, identical bell sound that provides a pure, cleansing effect. The sound is believed to clear low & negative vibrational energy.

When clearing negative energy from your home or workplace just tap the Tingsha together three times in each corner of the room while at the same time visulaising the energy that you would like to remove dispersing & leaving that space, making room for pure white light & revitalising & balanced energy to be received in its place.

Space clearing is done for a variety of reasons. Some are few of the following:

  •   Moving to new houses or workspaces. In order to start anew, space clearing is necessary to release & clear away any remaining negative energies or dense vibrations that do not align with your highest self.
  •   After experiencing an illness, trauma or a negative experience. Cleansing your surroundings after experiencing a trauma will help your environment & energy body to feel more refreshed. Prior to doing so, make sure to thoroughly clean the area, wash all bedding, have a refreshing bath or shower & open all the windows.


Toning is a traditional therapeutic technique used to relieve mental, emotional & physical stress & to achieve deep healing. The toning process uses sound vibrations to release blockages in the body & to promote a natural flow of energy.

Here are some examples of when they may be used:

  •   Difficulty in concentration & meditation
  •   Pursue higher levels of awareness
  •   Difficulty in breathing or if breathing appears to be constantly shallow
  •   Undergoing stress, depression & grief
  •   Lack of confidence, positivity & zest
  •   Feeling uncomfortable or in dis-ease with oneself


~ With two hands, hold the leather cord firmly by your fingertips (approx 2 cm above the cymbals) and strike the two cymbals together once to produce their sound

~ Let the vibration and sound cease completely, before striking again

~ By using your Tingsha Bells you are able to clear your mind for clarity, relax into meditation or clear your altar space and home


~ Clearing your space is a practice used to remove emotional and stagnant energy from a room

~ These energies can become a heavy residual, in any space caused by our daily routines & emotions

~ These cymbals work in the same way as Tibetan Singing Bowls or White Sage Smudging

~ Walk through each room using your Bells, chiming them slowly until their sound ceases, then repeating until the room has been thoroughly cleansed

~ Ensure all four corners of each space is cleared of residual energy

Use your Tingsha Bells whenever relaxation, sound clearing or meditation is needed

They produce a wonderful high pitched vibrating chime that resonates deep within, to bring deep relaxation and de stressing of our spiritual bodies & mind