Naked Beauties Ritual Box - Sentient Creations
Naked Beauties Ritual Box - Sentient Creations

Naked Beauties Ritual Box

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A pure & simple Ritual Kit to Cleanse your Home, Office or Body.

All Natural. All Beautiful. All Powerful!!

Are you in need of a simple yet powerful way to focus & clear your energy? (Click here to find out.)

These three naked beauties don't mess around when it comes to Ritual work!

Any time, anywhere - conduct a simple energy clearing ritual to refresh & revitailze your body & personal space.

Your Ritual:

Burn the White Sage to clear away any negative energy that may be lingering in your space.

Use the Selenite Cleansing Bar to recharge your energy body or space. Close your eyes & visualise pure white light flowing out of the Selenite & filling the whole room, surrounding your entire body, uplifting & revitalising every part of your being.

Burn the Palo Santo in the closing of your ritual to raise the vibration & uplift you to continue on with your day.

Clear, Refreshed, Empowered!

(Click here to learn how to perform a full Smudging Ceremony + Mantras)


In this Ritual Box you will receive:

☽ 1 x Organic White Sage Stick

☽ 1 x Selenite Cleansing Bar

☽ 1 x Palo Santo Stick

✧ White Sage - Clears negative energy & low vibrations, purifies the air & reduces airborne pollutants.

✧ Palo Santo - Also known as "holy wood', has been used for centuries as a spiritual & physical purification tool.  It is an all natural, aromatic wooden incense that may be used to purify, heal & raise the vibration of a person, space or object.

✧ Selenite - A versatile crystal tool that may be used for energy cleansing, balancing, healing & protection. Often referred to as “liquid light,” Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant, stuck energy - realigning & promoting a healthy, smooth energy flow.

Perfect for taking your energy clearing ritual on the road or as a special gift for yourself or a loved one.

Tip: Selenite can also be used to cleanse the energy of your other precious stones, crystals & jewellery. If you feel that the energy of a certain object is feeling dull or less vibrant than it used to be - or if it has been present around traumatic or energetically draining experiences - clear it using Selenite. You can lay your other crystals or jewellery on top of your Selenite bar overnight to recharge - or if it is a larger object, set it beside your Selenite bar until the energy has been rejuvenated.

    Palo Santo Stick approx. 10cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm

    Selenite Bar approx. 10cm x 4cm

    Organic White Sage approx. 11cm x 3.5cm

    Gift Box Size: 16.3cm x 16.3cm x 5.2cm