When to Perform an Energy Clearing Ritual

When to Perform an Energy Clearing Ritual | Sentient Creations

We all have days where we are feeling a little off track or like the vibe is not quite right within ourselves or space around us. Sometimes it may be an external factor beyond our control, or sometimes it can be something deeper within us that feels out of alignment.

Our Sentient Ritual Collection was created for exactly those times in your life when you feel the need to clear or shift negative or low energy & bring in a positive, peaceful state of being.

Smudging & Energy Clearing are also great rituals to enjoy before your personal Yoga or Meditation practice to help ground & clear your mind, body & aura.. as well creating a safe & sacred space to facilitate connection to your higher self & source.

Remember, clearing your energy body & space around you is an essential wellness ritual, just like all of your other health & wellness routines. 

If you do not know for sure if its the right time to smudge - you can ask yourself a few questions to help determine whether its time to perform a Clearing Ritual on yourself or in a space:

~ Is there a heaviness in the air of my home, or in my body?

~ Do I feel bogged down, lethargic or overly tired?

~ Do I feel weak or drained in my energy body or the core of my body?

~ Am I easily frustrated, am I angry or sad?

~ Have I been in the company of negative people, listening to them & taking on their problems?

~ Have I been engaging in healing sessions or holding space & giving my energy to others?

~ Have I encountered any spirits, entities or thought forms in the Astral Realm while meditating, dreaming or in waking day?

~ Have I experienced any fear in my waking or dream state, that I know of?

If you feel like any of the above resonate with you, or if you have an inner sense that this is a Ritual that is right for you.. Then now is the time to start your practice.


✧ Happy Clearing ✧

With Love & Gratitude Always, Sentient Creations.
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